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Amenities on Vibasa buses

Air conditioning
Standard seat
XL Seat
Wifi + Entertainment
Power outlets

Vibasa’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses1,042
  • Cities123
  • Countries2
  • Routes710

Vibasa Bus classes

  • Premium
  • Normal
  • Supra+
  • Eurobus
  • Supra Economy

Vibasa User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Vibasa

3.7 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (547)

Chinwe Gertie A.17 October 2020 | 

Very trustworthy

Lucas D.6 September 2020 | 

Driver was super agressive and rude. She was also checking her phone while driving.

Desislava Y.6 September 2020 | 

The schedule was right on time, departure & arrival.

Maria Julieta W.3 September 2020 | 

Sin cortinas al exterior. Asientos muy incomodos y una bocina de “camión” que sonaba dentro cada vez que llegabamos a una ciudad (2a.m/ 3a.m/ 4.30a.m)

Rhys M.11 March 2020 | 

Very helpful and timely drivers. Recommended for foreign backpackers traveling on a whim!

Nina N.9 December 2019 | 

Journey was smooth and comfor table and the arrived 15 minutes earlier than scheduled so I was pretty happy with that.

Denyse D.4 November 2019 | 

Vibasa staff was very unhelpful: several buses were scheduled to leave for Barcelona at around the same time and none of the drivers knew about the others. This made it very confusing when passengers for bus 2 (my bus) were waiting to board. One driver was very agitated about the situation and even rude/loud with passengers. When bus 2 finally did arrive (apparently delayed due to weather conditions, but at no point were passengers officially informed about this), it left San Sebastian station more than an hour later than it was scheduled to. Passengers were totally lost as to whether our bus would arrive or not, and when.

Anna Patricia V.4 November 2019 | 

The driver of the bus I took was okay, but one of the drivers we talked to earlier (driver of Bus no. 1) was very dismissive of passengers’ concerns and seemed very irritated when people were asking him about the status of the bus. The bus ride itself was okay; the bus was clean and I didn’t feel unsafe during the trip. The driver was much nicer than the driver of Bus No. 1. I just wish the WiFi password was given to us though. But that’s a minor thing.

Moritz N.3 November 2019 | 

With the bus and the departure and arrival everything was fine so far. Anyway, bus driver was pretty unrelaxed and not obliging at all. Did not sleep a minute on an 8 hour night ride due to drivers music, air conditioning and manner of driving.

Yamil L.28 October 2019 | 


Hearher J.24 October 2019 | 

At Barcelona Nord the reception person felt unfreindly toward my questions as I was a non Catalan, and my Command of Spanish not very fluent. The drivers were great, the bus clean and tidy.

Michel Z.30 September 2019 | 

More English translation would be helpful, no signage on bus saying where it was going.

Melania B.15 September 2019 | 

We arrived at destination, late but safe and sound!

Juan Eduardo D.11 September 2019 | 

We stoped too many times

Homayoun J.5 September 2019 | 

I like to hear announcements. We had 15 minute stop at Zaragoza and had to change bus.

Dibya S.24 August 2019 | 

Condition of bus was so good,staff were so polite,and smoothly driving was just perfect

Jacinta E.23 August 2019 | 

Clean and comfortable ride. Glad there was a stop half way to get out stretch, go to the toilet and have a smoke.

Daniel B.23 August 2019 | 

This was no WiFi on board

Miriam M.19 August 2019 | 

Seats were not very confortable, all the rest was perfect

Yuk Fung H.19 August 2019 | 

quite good

Emi K.6 August 2019 | 

The bus was spacious and the bus driver was pleasant. But passengers were very loud talking, watching videos on mobile phones with sound on, answering phone calls throughout 7 hour trip. I don’t know the common sense of Spain, but I appreciate if the driver warns passengers to turn their mobile phones off or put the sound on mute out of respect for other passengers. Gracias

Nicholas K.5 August 2019 | 

Pretty uncomfortable

Paige L.1 August 2019 | 

Staff rude bathroom didn’t have toilet paper and smelled so bad

Natalie R.12 July 2019 | 

It was late leaving Barcelona and arriving pamplona

Timothy K.11 July 2019 | 

Great service!

Jaroslav Š.9 July 2019 | 

Spolehlivy dopravce

Maria Emilia H.9 July 2019 | 

The trip was good and the staff the same, but we arrived late in Barcelona and that wasn’t so good.

Yuko I.3 June 2019 | 

Good driver

Christine P.12 May 2019 | 

My entertainment screen was not working.

Melinda S.28 April 2019 | 

Late, was told off by bus driver for stretching out on seat. I was sitting at front so driver could see me. If this is not allowed, every other person on the bus should have been told off and not just me.

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