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Amenities on ADO CONECTA buses

Air conditioning
Standard seat
Wifi + Entertainment
Power outlets

ADO CONECTA’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses224
  • Cities44
  • Countries1
  • Routes59

ADO CONECTA Bus classes

  • Lujo
  • Primera
  • Primera
  • Lujo
  • Ejecutivo
  • Ejecutivo
  • Primera
  • Directo Economico
  • Directo Economico
  • Ejecutivo
  • Lujo
  • Directo Economico
  • Directo Economico
  • Directo Economico
  • Primera
  • Primera
  • Primera
  • Primera
  • Primera

ADO CONECTA User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with ADO CONECTA

4.2 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (127)

Bruce P.9 March 2020 | 

Not enough room for a tall man.

Martyn J.7 March 2020 | 

Confusing journey would help with destination stickers on windscreens of the smaller buses. Also didn’t realise we were going via Tulum. Though bus driver very helpful.

Terrell B.7 March 2020 | 

I was a bit worried about the bus because I have limited Spanish. The security guard heed me find the right bus and the driver was helpful. The bus was clean and the driver very professional. Looking forward to the return trip.

Mieke V.27 February 2020 | 

Excellent service! The fact that I can't speak Spanish wasn't an issue at all!

Jill M.15 February 2020 | 

Our bus was not on the board. We had to ask for information and was told it was leaving 15mins early. It was not clear what was happening.

ÉMilie D.13 February 2020 | 

Everything was great

Andreas B.12 February 2020 | 

Great service although the film being played was very loud

Michaila W.8 February 2020 | 

We arrived early, and were thrown on an earlier bus which was nice.

Larissa G.6 February 2020 | 

Perfect would recommend it to anyone

Vanessa P.18 January 2020 | 

On time and comfortable..

Ulf B.15 January 2020 | 

Got us there, but would appreciate more clear info of where the bus was going. All travellers around me were headed for Tulum, so thought I was on wrong bus. However the bus continued to Vallodalid which was great!

Carmen H.12 January 2020 | 

Good trip on your transport.

Linda F.8 January 2020 | 

Staff at Cancun Centro were rude and unhelpful. Missed my bus and had to buy another ticket online as they would not help me. Worse experience of my life.

Andrew W.7 January 2020 | 

The lady on the Ado door in Campache was the best!

Juan Bernardo C.5 January 2020 | 

All good

Terence M.1 January 2020 | 

Worked very well

Elin A.1 January 2020 | 

The bus was late from Tulum. No information given, and difficult to communicate in English.

Lara G.26 December 2019 | 

Everything was perfect

Dorottya K.4 December 2019 | 

Super friendly staff and punctual service.

Thomas R.21 November 2019 | 

Great service. Very comfortable.

Dereck S.12 November 2019 | 

Wonderful Service

Ralph W.11 November 2019 | 

All went as planned

James V.2 November 2019 | 

the trip was uneventful. The driver seems to have a problem continually shaking his legs (maybe ADHD?) but it didn't affect his driving. More important, I dropped my passport and visa card, he found it and chased me down. I'm very gratefull for that.

Amy L.13 September 2019 | 

Very friendly and safe bus driver

Emily S.20 August 2019 | 

Small and old bus very hot and not adequate space for luggage

Nicholas C.31 July 2019 | 

Poor air conditioning... didn’t reach all seats so was very warm.

Angus S.30 May 2019 | 

Good comfortable trip

Tara B.20 May 2019 | 

Happy with this service, would use again.

Krisztian V.30 April 2019 | 

Nice staff, good service

Sophia T.18 April 2019 | 

Absolutely terrible. The worst service. We arrived early but were held off the platform as the guard didn’t know which platform our bus was arriving at. The bus then arrived and left without out us whilst the guard made us wait. We immediately told ADO desk the situation and they by told us to buy a new ticket even though it was not our fault we missed the bus. When we refused to buy another ticket as half empty buses left every hour to Valladolid, Ado made the guard who held us from the platform pay for two tickets on the public bus. We had to wait two hours for the public bus to arrive and the journey took three hours. Disgraceful. We paid $40 for a premium shuttle for a two hour journey and ended up on public bus and it taking five hours.

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