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Amenities on Catarinense buses

Air conditioning
Standard seat
XL Seat
Lie-flat Seat or Bed
Wifi + Entertainment

Catarinense’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses3,709
  • Cities310
  • Countries2
  • Routes2,274

Catarinense Bus classes

  • Express Sleeper
  • Intercity
  • VIP
  • Minivan
  • Universe Luxury
  • Express
  • Kia Grandbird
  • VIP
  • Standard AC
  • Universe Country
  • VIP 36
  • VIP 24

Catarinense User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Catarinense

3.9 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (786)

David T.16 March 2020 | 

The bus smelled absolutely horrible throughout. It was unbearable

Mary S.9 March 2020 | 

The bus arrived about 30 minutes early to Curitiba and was a very smooth journey. I don’t speak Portuguese but the staff explained about water and the toilet etc to me via google translate.

Ashton S.2 March 2020 | 

Trip was. Delayed by police search which was uncontrollable. Otherwise everything was fine.

Stuart T.26 February 2020 | 

Professional staff. Very comfortable on the lower deck where we provided with blanket, plow and snack box. Excellent service.

Sergio Oscar P.18 February 2020 | 

Very good

Tove D.15 February 2020 | 

The bus was around 3 hours late and we didn’t get any information about it

Ida J.10 February 2020 | 

We have been waiting 5 hours on the highway, only a few kilometers from the bus terminal of sao paulo. Really frustrating!

Myriam L.2 February 2020 | 

The trip was great. A bit cold in the bus.

Sean G.18 January 2020 | 

Great trip!

Michael S.14 January 2020 | 

It was a very smooth ride and I had no problems.

Jacob A.11 January 2020 | 

In my ticket the time of arrive was 7:20 and we arrive at 13:00

Ohad D.10 January 2020 | 

Our seats was full of water. The stuff known about it and all that they do was to put a blanket on the seat. For 15 hours of the trip we sat down on a wet seat!

Kazuki N.7 January 2020 | 

so loud passengers

Rikke W.3 January 2020 | 

Really nice trip, the bus was confy and clean. The breaks was made to a minimum and short.

Michael O.23 December 2019 | 

My bus was a double decker clean, modern and comfortable. The wifi was a little problematic but that is to be understood with all the hills and valleys. A request to have the heating on at night without the air-conditioning was met straight away.

Rupert D.23 December 2019 | 

Good company. Clean and friendly

Rupert D.21 December 2019 | 

Good company. Very clean and comfortable

Melissa S.12 December 2019 | 

Great and easy

Conor Matthew W.28 November 2019 | 

Staff good

Marcus Göran R.26 November 2019 | 

Super comfy and good drivers

Pietro G.25 November 2019 | 

Ótimo atendimento, viagem muito tranquila e pontual

Leonie H.9 November 2019 | 

Lovely clean buses and not as cold as the reviews I’ve read!

Jono B.29 October 2019 | 

Good service, on time.

Arno V.28 October 2019 | 

Staff were great. But my seat belt was broken, and the people sitting behind me were loud (it was a night bus, people want to sleep). As I am tall (1.87m) there was not enough room to stretch my legs.

Carol H.22 October 2019 | 

The bus driver from Rio was very friendly even tho I only speak English he was very polite torwards me and drove at a good speed, not to quick. All the bus people were nice

John W.9 October 2019 | 

Very good. Some more information in English would have been good though.

Sarah C.1 October 2019 | 

Great first class travel section we all managed to sleep. Very comfortable seats/bed

Rocky Rachel K.20 September 2019 | 

The bus was so comfortable!

Raffael M.18 September 2019 | 

Great bus! Vizualisation of next stops and time till arrival would create a more user friendly experience.

Keith L.26 August 2019 | 

Too many stops

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