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Amenities on Catarinense buses

Air Conditioning
Average Seat
XL Seat
Lie-flat Seat or Bed
Entertainment (No Wifi)

Catarinense’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses3,584
  • Cities295
  • Countries2
  • Routes2,187

Catarinense Bus classes

  • Convencional
  • Convencional
  • Leito-Cama
  • Executivo
  • Semi Leito
  • Leito
  • Leito
  • Executivo
  • Convencional

Catarinense User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Catarinense

3.8 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (613)

Alisha J.April 18, 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

The bus was amazing! Seats were super comfortable and made great stops for food

Sandra G.April 16, 2019 | Staff: 3 | 

It was great but the temperature in the bus was so cold I got sick

Olga S.April 5, 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

The best bus company in my life. Very comfortable!

Rosie C.April 5, 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

Very comfortable seats and enjoyed the cushion and blanket. Very efficient on leaving Foz. Toilet was blocked. Wifi didn’t work. No one could speak English.

Almaliina S.March 30, 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

It was a very nice drive, just a little too cold in the bus.

Carolin R.March 27, 2019 | Staff: 3 | 

Bus on Time, however the seats aren’t suitable for a 12 hour ride, too small, dont recline well, distance to the front seat too small, sharp edges in the foot area. The driver was driving too fast and inconsistent. I felt sick for most of the time. Water was provided, no food/ snacks. I wouldn’t use the company again for a long journey

Sisca M.March 27, 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Punctual but no wifi. Overall is great.

Daniel N.March 26, 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

A star service

John B.March 25, 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Good experience. Nice clean & spacious bus

Russell C.March 22, 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

Nice comfortable buses but the staff at the bus terminals need to work on their customer service!!

Laurie R.March 21, 2019 | Staff: 3 | 

We had the seats directly in front of the toilet, people kept pulling up my chair to hold on all night whilst I was trying to sleep, which resulted in my seat springing back up, it also absolutley stank and the toilets had obviously not been cleaned for a number of journeys.

Matthew F.March 18, 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

Disappointing to not receive any drinks/snacks/pillows/blanket. Assumed this was a standard for night busses in South America - apparently not!

Ines S.March 17, 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

Please more maintenance on the toilet

Samuel C.March 17, 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Fine company would recommend again

Christina P.March 12, 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

I was sharing my seat with a super overweight woman (she was taking half of mine and hers) and she had all her luggage in the bus so her feet had also to be on my side.

Alan S.March 10, 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

Very comfortable

Eduardo G.March 10, 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

WiFi didn’t work

Bar T.February 28, 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

Good seats , there’s chargers for you’re phone ..

Ofek E.February 27, 2019 | Staff: 2 | 

The bus was of good quality but we had many stops and arrived 3 hours later then expected

Natalie C.February 25, 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

Whole journey was good - however for the price we paid we wasn’t provided any food: we upgraded to first class which was an extra $60 Australian fillers - it gave us free water but everyone was walking in and taking it so not worth upgrading just for a slightly larger seat.

Daniel R.February 25, 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Great bus and lieback seats are so comfortable will definitely do again

Christoph E.February 24, 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Unfortunately a bus was broken and so we had no places with real beds. In addition, I could not adjust my seat properly, he always tilted backwards. The wifi didn‘t work. The informations (how many stops, when are the bigger rests for eating and drinking) could be better.

Lukas Felician K.February 21, 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

smell was bad (upper floor), wifi did not work for a long time

Takeo S.February 16, 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

good sleep!

Mark T.February 10, 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

They printed my ticket for me. That's all I wanted.

Tjitske W.February 8, 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Bus was broken, something was wrong

Catharina V.January 30, 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Bus arrived 3 hours later than planned

Catharina V.January 30, 2019 | Staff: 5 | 

Bus arrived 3 hours later than planned

Sarah Marie S.January 26, 2019 | Staff: 4 | 

Was good, just the wifi didn’t work

Joshua S.January 24, 2019 | Staff: 3 | 

We were unable to catch the bus as we missed it by an hour due to the hour time difference between Argentina and Brazil.

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