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College Hoops: How to get the Best Bang for Your Buck

If you want to take advantage of spring break or you simply feel like taking a few days off, College Hoops is the perfect excuse for that dreamy escape. But how can you possibly afford it? Well, Busbud is here to help you figure out just how you can do that! 

A weekend getaway is easily done but why not go all out and take the Thursday and Friday off? Here’s why: Each city will host first- and second-round games, played either Thursday and Saturday, or Friday and Sunday. This means that on “off days” in your city, you can visit around and hang out with your friends!

Everyone has a different budget, so here at Busbud we’ve decided to give you a price breakdown for all budgets.

For the instant noodles eating students (nothing wrong with that!):

We suggest you go for one of the first round or second round games. Cheaper tickets, cool destinations and still a wonderful experience.

Suggestion: Nashville, TN from March 16-18 for first round games

Not only does this city have great music in case the games are too boring for you (as if they would be! No way!) but it has a great overall atmosphere. From food to square dancing, Nashville will have you head over heels in love. Here’s a price breakdown that will make you happy:

Bus Ticket: 60$ USD per person roundtrip*

3-Star Hotel room for 3 nights divided between you and three pals: 82$ USD per person

Ticket for the game: 198$ USD per person**

Beer at the Arena: 5$ USD

Total: 345$ USD

For a weekend in a great city where you’ll experience a mind-blowing culture, a legendary basketball tournament and fun with friends, 345$ USD is worth a few extra instant noodle bowls this month. Treat yourself.

For the sort-of-surviving young professionals:

Congratulations. You are no longer surviving on instant ramen made in your dorm room. You have evolved to buying real take out, drinking wine (fancy!) and living the life. Well done. Now you get to treat yourself a little more and experience College Hoops with some of your closest friends!

We suggest you go for one of the Sweet 16 Round games. Great tickets for a decent price and a popular destination that will definitely make this a memorable getaway.

Here is the price breakdown that you and your friends can actually agree on:

Suggestion: Los Angeles, CA for the West Regionals Sweet 16 from March 22-24

Bus Ticket: 30$ USD per person roundtrip*

4-star Hotel room for 3 nights divided between you and three pals: 200$ USD per person

Ticket for the game (lower section): 211$ USD per person**

Beer at the Arena: 5$ USD

Total: 443$ USD

The city of angels will give you more than just College Hoops, with vibrant neighborhoods, great weather and a great nightlife. What else can you need for a great weekend getaway? For 443$ USD, you and your friends can witness the Sweet 16 and stay at a luxury 4-star hotel smack in downtown LA. Not bad, right?

For the go-all-out experience over everything people:

So, you want the VIP experience! You want the amazing hotel, the overpriced court-side tickets, the expensive food? Well let Busbud at least help you save some money and get you a great price on your bus ride! This way you can sleep and recover from the amazing weekend you are about to have. Here is your price breakdown:

Suggestion: San Antonio, TX for the Final Four from March 31- April 2nd

Bus Ticket: 25$ USD per person roundtrip*

4-star Hotel room for 3 nights divided between you and three pals: 900$ USD per person***

Ticket for the game (court side): 1450$ USD per person**

Beer at the Arena: 5$ USD

Total: 2380$ USD

This option can be expensive but if you, like me, are part of bucket 1 or 2 then this weekend getaway can be quite affordable.

Bonus: your Instagram pictures will be AWESOME! Check out Busbud for bus routes from your departing city and compare the different bus operators to get the best price for your budget. 

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*Average price for departing city under 4 hours away from destination
** Lowest Price possible for that weekend found on ticketmaster.com
*** Price depends on bucket: 3 stars for first bucket, 4 stars for second, 5 stars for third. Prices taken from booking.com