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Amenities on Rede Expressos buses

Air conditioning
Standard seat
Power outlets

Rede Expressos’s Coverage in Numbers

  • Daily Buses13,640
  • Cities818
  • Countries6
  • Routes28,158

Rede Expressos Bus classes

  • Rede Expresso

Rede Expressos User Reviews

User reviews from travelers who booked their tickets with Rede Expressos

4.3 out of 5 stars

Ratings and Reviews (5316)

Michael L.22 March 2020 | 

Easy journey under difficult circumstance

Sarah R.19 March 2020 | 

Honestly the issue is mainly Covid virus, less seats yet everyone was too close together to feel safe.

Richard W.15 March 2020 | 

Missed the bus ride altogether as online booking times were in military (24 hour) time format. We expected to go at 1:30pm not 1:30am. Had to purchase 2 additional tickets - not happy!!

Elaine Patricia C.15 March 2020 | 

the driver very friendly. bus very comfortable it arrived 15 mins late but probably due to traffic it didn't worry me I had plenty of time to get to the airport.

William T.11 March 2020 | 

The driver did a good job. In addition, I bought tickets for the return trip, and your sales clerk was polite and helpful. The only complaint I have is that there is a charge to use the washroom in the dus stations. That's annoying, to say the least.

Catherine M.10 March 2020 | 

Wonderful I would highly recommend comfortable drive, seats, staff and on time

ÉVa Adrienne D.7 March 2020 | 

Good online services.

Ilya G.5 March 2020 | 

Все ок

Lenka R.4 March 2020 | 

Very happy in general. Would recommend to everyone

Ozde Elif G.3 March 2020 | 

Everything was ok except there is no electrical plug on the bus. I couldnt charge my phone clearly.

Bomi K.1 March 2020 | 

Good driving

Sage C.23 February 2020 | 

I needed wifi to load my Mobil ticket and the driver was angry about that from the second we met. I asked him to stand on the bus so I could use the buses wifi to show him and he tried to back up the bus and close the doors without seeing my ticket or letting me on and my bags were still on the bus. I understand the bus had places to be but the other passengers understood the problem and they didn’t mind waiting for me to figure it out since I am an 18 year old girl alone in Portugal and I’ve never been here before. Finally he kicked me off the bus and rushed me to get my bags off and my sneaker fell out of my bag and I wasn’t able to get it. I would be so grateful if I could have it returned to me, it is the only other pair of shoes I have for the next couple of months.

Aurea Priscila R.20 February 2020 | 

Nice trip

Shirazali K.19 February 2020 | 

The ride itself was very quiet and enjoyable/

Elvis K.18 February 2020 | 

Very good service

Avaya S.16 February 2020 | 

Very comfortable to access and punctual

Debra D.16 February 2020 | 

I have always had a great trip.

Cynthia M.13 February 2020 | 

Great experience- clean busses with very good drivers. On time and efficient

Carnen J.13 February 2020 | 

Already done

Jiong W.11 February 2020 | 

A very smooth and pleasant trip.

Jean Louis K.9 February 2020 | 

everything was ok. The service, the driver,

Igor U.9 February 2020 | 

Goood condition nice drivers 😊

Kadio S.6 February 2020 | 

good service

Richard G.5 February 2020 | 

My backpack got stolen

Denis M.5 February 2020 | 

Excellent bus service! Only thing that needs a bit of improvement from someone who doesn’t speak Portuguese is to have a bit of English in the bus terminals! Other than that it’s the best way to travel!

Diane S.31 January 2020 | 

Great comfortable trip - with reclining seats and dependable WiFi

Magdalena S.31 January 2020 | 

Very comfortable trip

Athanasios B.30 January 2020 | 

No good wifi

Veronika T.29 January 2020 | 

Overall a great experience. The staff was friendly and punctual

Hana M.29 January 2020 | 

Very professional staff. I was satisfied with Rede Expressos services.

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