Busbud Stories

Calvin Young’s Busbud Story

We’re back with another collaboration between Busbud x Calvin Young!

Calvin’s Greyhound adventure from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles

We first collaborated with Calvin Young from Seek the World during his European tour in the summer of 2017. Deaf world traveler, he has inspired thousands of people to follow their dream. His mission? Show the Deaf community that solo travel can be safe, easy and a lot of fun. He also aims to empower and inspire the Deaf people that they can do anything they want through his travels.

This time around, Calvin traveled the captivating route from the midwest city of Salt Lake City to the bright lights of Los Angeles by bus where he documented his trip using Busbud in two short videos.

On the road from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles

Here is a video of Calvin explaining why he enjoys Busbud so much:


Do you also want to learn more about the Busbud product and its features such as user reviews, filters, available currencies and payment options and our customer support? Then this second video is for you!

Busbud’s mission is closely connected with Seek the World’s. We will continue to play our part to help people easily choose bus transportation and save the planet, by making the bus more accessible and easier than ever, while Seek the World will keep empowering and inspiring the Deaf community that they can do anything they want.

More details about the Busbud Explorer program.