Greyhound Canada Bus Alternatives in Western Canada

This post was updated on February 1st, 2019.

The situation

On October 31st, 2018, Greyhound Canada cancelled all of its Canadian routes located west of Ontario. The familiar white and blue buses have stopped all service in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, as well as Northwestern Ontario, ending service beyond Sudbury.

The lone surviving route is between Vancouver and Seattle, which will still be offered by Greyhound. According to an article by the CBC, Greyhound points to a 41% decline of ridership since 2010 to explain this decision.

Busbud helps you find the best bus options in Western Canada

Over the last few months, Busbud has worked to find and integrate alternative bus operators serving Western Canada so that customers will still have access to affordable and sustainable bus travel on our website and app. We were able to bring you new bus options on the most popular routes in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Take a closer look at all our partners’ locations in Western Canada:

Greyhound bus alternatives for Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan

Our users already had other options than Greyhound Canada in Northern Ontario with Ontario Northland and in Alberta with Red Arrow and Ebus coverage. We have also partnered up with Cold Shot, who will also be offering extensive coverage throughout the province, giving our users the most bus options possible. On top of this Alberta coverage, we have also added a new carrier on the routes Calgary to Banff and Calgary to Canmore called Banff Airporter. For the folks heading to Jasper from Edmonton or Calgary, we have partnered with SunDog Tours to offer this scenic route on our website and mobile apps. 

Greyhound’s departure created a void in cross-province departures. However, the bus company Rider Express, based out of Saskatchewan, has an extensive network of routes on the cross-province corridor between EdmontonSaskatoon and Regina, with multiple stops in between in cities such as North BattlefordDavidson, Lloydminster and Vegreville

Bus company to replace Greyhound in Saskatchewan, available on Busbud:

Alberta (AB) bus companies alternates available on Busbud:

Greyhound bus alternatives for British Columbia

For our travellers to beautiful British Columbia as well as local folks, we’ve successfully replaced coverage on Vancouver to Squamish with Squamish Connector, offering multiple departure and arrival points in both cities. We have also added YVR Skylynx, Snowbus and Epic Rides on the popular Vancouver to Whistler route. With a pick-up point at the Vancouver YVR airport and direct connection to Whistler, the (arguably) best slopes in Canada are much closer than you think!

More good news is coming from Ebus, who has expanded its coverage in the wake of Greyhound’s decision and is now serving routes in British Columbia. Although the bulk of its routes are located in Alberta, Ebus has added Vancouver, Kamloops, KelownaAbbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, Merritt, Vernon, Surrey and Coquitlam as notable destinations.

If you wish to travel between British Colombia and Alberta, Rider Express has another cross-province bus on the very popular route between Vancouver and Calgary. It is important to note that this bus only runs from Calgary to Vancouver on Fridays and from Vancouver to Calgary on Saturdays, so plan accordingly!

British Columbia (BC) bus companies alternatives on Busbud:

When will these operators be available?

All routes from these bus companies are already available on Adding more Canadian inventory as well as working closely with local operators to expand coverage on the ground is always one of Busbud’s top priority.

Rider Express will also add buses between Vancouver, Kamloops and Kelowna. We will keep you posted on the release of these new routes!

Coming next with the Greyhound cancellations

One issue following Greyhound’s decision is the lack of other alternatives in Canada’s prairie provinces and rural areas. We are working hard with local carriers to help them develop their network of routes to support Canadian customers in these areas.  

Bus carriers such as Wilson transportation (British Columbia), and Tofino Bus (British Columbia) are also available to Canadians and international travellers.

Main alternatives to top Greyhound routes 🚌

Did you really think we wouldn’t let you reach your favourite destinations!? Here are the top routes that Busbud users will still be able to compare, search and book bus tickets for:

Rider Express from Saskatoon to Regina

Bus from Edmonton to Calgary

Calgary to Banff with Banff Airporter

Bus Vancouver to Squamish

Calgary to Vancouver bus (departures on Fridays only)

Calgary to Fort McMurray by bus

Fort McMurray → Edmonton

Vancouver to Whistler alternative with YVR Skylynx

Kamloops to Kelowna

Kelowna to Vancouver with Ebus

Discover Moraine lake, located in Banff national park, Alberta.
Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta, is still accessible by bus on Busbud!

Continue to travel by bus in Western Canada

The challenge for Busbud

Following Greyhound’s decision, Busbud has been working hard to continue to offer the most options to our Canadian and international travellers. As a proudly Canadian company, we have been dedicated to building and offering the largest intercity bus coverage in Canada on our platform. We’ve found ways to keep offering multiple city-to-city bus routes in Western Canada so that our customers can continue to have access to affordable and sustainable bus travel on our website and app, in 11 languages, multiple payment options as well as 30 currencies.

Marin Vallée, Director of Partnerships, comments on the challenge:

“The core value of Busbud is to allow travellers to find and compare every bus options available. After decades of service, Greyhound’s departure is creating a temporary gap on some routes in the Canadian market. But as more and more players are looking to take on new routes in the region, we are collaborating with them to help users reach their destination.”

Book your bus tickets for Canada or any of our other 80 countries on our website or mobile apps.

53 thoughts on “Greyhound Canada Bus Alternatives in Western Canada

  1. These are fricken useless!!!!!!!! ebus at at the airport. My transit bus does not operate early enough in the morning to connect to it. If I took the afternoon one I would be stranded in Vancouver at midnight! The same goes for the return trip to Kelowna! I sure hope someone soon is smart enough to make the bus accessible to everyone and at appropriate times !!!!!

  2. Hello Marianne!

    We completely understand your situation. Greyhound’s departure leaves a big void in the Canadian bus industry. Smaller local carriers are stepping up and trying to increase their coverage to give travellers the most options. It is still a work in progress and there still needs more departures and more routes to and from many communities. Our mission at Busbud is to make bus travel accessible to everyone by working hand in hand with bus companies. We will keep Canadians as well as international travellers informed of any new development!

    Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions.

    Roxanne from Busbud

  3. This is a good start to Greyhounds Departure. There is only one route I take. That is the Edmonton to Medicine Hat route by greyhound. For people who take public transit to connect with these partner bus connectors. Consider saving enough for a cab to the pick up location. Then you can catch the bus when public transit doesn’t serve people. We all can push for a taxi flat rate to these bus stations.

  4. There’s nothing that connects through the trans Canada highway.

    There’s no mention of a bus service that connects from Salmon Arm,to Calgary.

    This route is a MAJOR connection between provinces…

  5. I need to let you know one bus company that is clearly missed here… Rider Express. They serve the Trans Canada Highway. Not exactly sure of the stop locations though. they have routes in Sask currently. Rider express has new routes coming on line slowly, Current ones that I know of, Prince Albert to Saskatoon, Saskatoon – Regina, Winnipeg – Regina, Regina – Calgary, Calgary – Banff – Kamloops ( I’m sure people will be hard pressing on this route to stop in Cannmore, Lake Louise, Field, Golden, Revelostoke, Sicamous, Salmon Arm. I wont be surprised if the request gets heavy on this route…) New route added just recently not listed yet – Saskatoon to Edmonton ( Again heavy pressure on this route to stop in Battlefords – Lloydminster – Mannvile, Vegerville No routes yet from Edmonton to jasper I hope Rider Express will cover this route to connect to the BC North Bus in Valuemount BC then continue on to Kamloops BC

    Edmonton to Saskatoon will come up very soon around the end of this month in time for the Christmas holidays.

    Here’s the website address for Rider Express based in Regina Sask

  6. EBus is too expensive; it is over 15$ more to get from Abbotsford to Vancouver. Not only that, the station is all the way at the airport instead of within range of the transit system.

  7. I live in cranbrook bc and my only fricken option is to fly just to go to calgary since I dont drive…..there needs to be a bus replacement here cant fork out $500 everytime I wanna go see my family..

  8. Nelson to Regina. Got anything there? This sucks with no greyhound. I think we should lobby for it back

  9. Hi i was wondering what about bus rout from kamloops B.C. to lethbridge AB.? Will there be a bus that travels that way? Jst a thought?

  10. There’s absolutely nothing for Northern BC, nothing at all connecting from Prince Rupert all the way to wherever the closet bus to these listed is. Prince George is a major hub up here, while these may be good for southern BC, it does not help up here. Do you know if anything will be added?

  11. the small buses are not enough we busses that connect long distance routes between places like to Calgary and Vancouver and Winnipeg to Edmonton and cities in between .

  12. the small buses are not enough we need buses that connect long distance routes between places like to Calgary and Vancouver and Winnipeg to Edmonton and cities in between .

  13. Another suggestion would be Kelowna to Penticton/Osooyos area. Greyhound prevented local transit from extending from Peachland to Summerland. It’s a mire popular route than some realize.

  14. There doesn’t seem to be anything heading east from Calgary or Edmonton. I live in Drumheller and now that greyhound is gone there is nothing. This is a major tourist destination in summer and the largest centre between Calgary and Saskatchewan border. It would be a great stop for a longer route going through from AB to SK or MB.

  15. Northen British Columbia, the Kootenays are literally abandoned. Any word for areas up there. Remote regions?

  16. You need to specify with lines are accessible or define them when they are not. Northen BC has BC Transit running through from Prince George to Prince Rupert. Don’t see that listed. There are a couple more smaller ones I have heard about running north. All non accessible. Accessible needs are serviced from Northern BC from Prince George in all directions to Vancouver by Northern Health Connenections, no medical appointments needed. All rides must be prebooked

  17. If you can get to the Via Rail station in Kamloops, there is a Vancouver-Edmonton train that you can use. I don’t know if there are any other stops that might be helpful.

  18. I don’t see a Bus from Prince George to Edmonton… My Kids n Grandkids n Mom live there.. How am I suppose to Go see them when there is No Bus to take Me there ???!!!

  19. There should be a definite Bus for Prince George to Edmonton there and back…… it’s a major connector for many travelers and I’m really surprised there is no Bus listed for that Hwy 16 East Highway Route. I believe You will Assign a Bus to take that Driving Job for the many Passengers who used this frequently with Greyhound before They abandoned Us and Hope You will get a Bus going soon for Prince George to Edmonton cuz We need to See Our Family that Live that Distance away from Us.

  20. Wish everything stayed the same as hreyhound, such as dates and times… sucks how i had to quit my job due to different times and dates for this new system

  21. If you have any information about bus travel between Winnipeg, Manitoba and
    Kenora, Ontario, thank you for letting me know!

  22. Hello!

    We now have all Rider Express routes available on Busbud. The article has been updated to show this information. Rider Express is indeed a great bus company with cross province routes between Saskatchewan and Alberta as well as Alberta and British Colombia. We are very happy to be offering their tickets on our platform and we are still looking into adding more inventory in Northern BC and the prairie provinces.

  23. There needs to be more coordination of linking bus times . The private stage coach line from Trail BC connects to lots of smaller towns and arrives at noon at the orchard park Mall . The Ebus only stops at the Kelowna airport or downtown . It leaves 5 hours later .

  24. To clarify , the trail BC stage coach line arrives at its final destination in Kelowna . To catch a bus to Vancouver , the traveller must get to the airport or downtown Kelowna . Then there is a five hour wait until the bus leaves for Vancouver . This is not easy for anyone with children or are seniors .


  26. Man greyhound shutting down just ruined my trip home. Saved up 4000$ and now i find out I’m going to just have to ride freight trains the whole way. Via wants 2’000$ and can’t board planes.

  27. I never had a clue one could drive from the United States straight up Interstate 95 right into Canada until I experimented with the idea though I’ve never followed through with it in my teenage years. I drove from New York City with friends to Maine but turned around and went back.

  28. My experience with Greyhound is a prime example of why they are loosing valued members. Yesterday 22 Apr 2019 waiting at the bus junction location for them to stop and pick up my Daughter to get her back to the cite. The first Greyhound did not stop although the driver made eye contact with me and kept driving. Called and was told that it was not the correct bus and that her bus was broke down and running late. The next bus came and continued without stopping so we called again and told that was not her bus and it was going to be even later. Again the 3rd bus went by and did not slow down or anything and again we call to find out that it was her bus this time and that we had missed it even though we were standing there and watched it drive by. Asked the person that we were talking to what was going on and when could we expect the next bus. Was told that here was not going to be another bus and that she could catch the bus tomorrow. Not acceptable as we were at the bus stop and they did not stop. She also need to be to work tomorrow and we needed to get her there. Nothing they could do or would do. Also told that we would have to call back tomorrow and see about getting our money refunded. So how do you get your daughter home when they do not stop or care that you are left stranded waiting for them? Not to mention the 1.5 hours of driving to the bus stop, 3 hours of waiting as they were late and did not stop. Then another 5 hours of driving to get her home plus all the fuel to go to the city and back home. Only a refund on the ticket and a sorry we did not stop and you had to drive her vice using the ticket that you paid for a couple months in advance and oh by the way 7 to 14 business days for the refund. Not sure that I will advise anyone to use their services unless you are in a big city and are going to another city.

  29. Someone needs to pick up routes in the east kootenays. Paying over $400 to fly to Cranbrook is insane. I can’t drive due to medical reasons, and from Kelowna you’re pretty much trapped, unless you want to go to Vancouver. I can’t get to cgy for specialist appts…nothing and flying just isn’t affordable. Won’t be making my reunion in Cranbrook….can’t get there. TRAPPED!

  30. Thanks, for sharing the post. it is really good and helpful for us.amansyal team helps you. if you have any query related to help than visit our page.

  31. It’s not just Cranbrook that’s in limbo; the entire East and West Kootenays, which are too far West for Ottawa to see and too far East for Fantasy Island (Victoria is not traditionally in touch with realities not local to its own) to know we exist, and as such there’s no travel abilities between any two Kootenay cities, save the occasional medical connector such as between Cranbrook and Creston but which is still expensive for not running often enough to avoid otherwise unnecessary hotel stays.
    This is bad for Kootenay economy and Victoria’s tax revenue, so you’d think they’d try to help us, but yes, the whole Kootenays needs some bus service now.

  32. East and West Kootenays, which are too far West for Ottawa to see and too far East for Fantasy Island (Victoria is not traditionally in touch with realities not local to its own) to know we exist, and as such there’s no travel abilities between any two Kootenay cities, save the occasional medical

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