“Houston, we have a problem” is so well known it has its own Wikipedia article. But what else is Houston known for? If you’re in town for a few days, do one or more of these 4 fun things to do in Houston and you will have a blast.

First fun thing to do in Houston – Visit the Johnson Space Center

fun thing to do in houston - visit the johnson space center
Fun thing to do in Houston #1 – Visit the Johnson Space Center

Actually you don’t want to visit the Johnson space Center, the Space Center Houston is where it’s at. First, visit their super interactive website. They have new events popping up every few weeks so you definitely want to look online first to see what is waiting for you. All of them are probably the funnest things you can do in Houston if you have kids.

One of the most common event is “Train like an astronaut”. You’ll meet a real astronaut, try on their suits, work on your team skills to complete a challenging task and even race against another team.

If you feel you didn’t have enough adrenaline for the day, you can even try the gravity chairs that will make you feel like you’re actually in space!

Pro tip: you can get the Houston CityPASS to get 50% discount. It’s worth it only if you intend to go to the other attractions like the Downtown Aquarium (they also have a lion) or the Houston museum of natural science, the Houston Zoo, the museum of fine arts, the children’s museum of Houston, or the Kemah Boardwalk. All very fun things you can do in Houston.

Another fun thing to do in Houston – Take Caribbean Cooking Classes

fun thing to do in houston number two - take cooking classes
Fun thing to do in Houston #2 – Take cooking classes

You don’t need to leave the US to get some tasty Caribbean food – or make it yourself! By far my personal favorite fun thing to do in Houston, Well Done Cooking Classes is simply outstanding. You don’t need to take the Caribbean food class if you’d rather prefer cook some Thai food, they have one of the lengthiest list of classes I’ve seen in a long time They really have something for all tastes!

All-in-one stop for some fun in Houston – Zuma Fun Center

zuma fun center
Zuma Fun Center in Houston

Who said Go-Kart, mini-golf and arcades were for kids? At Zuma you’ll be surprised how challenging a Putt Putt can be. Or go into the Batting Cages while your kid go on the Bumper boat. Not sure what I’m talking about? Visit their website to get all the details.

The Ultimate fun thing to do in Houston – Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving Fun in Houston
Indoor Skydiving Fun in Houston

Amongt the best rated activities on TripAdvisor, iFly Indoor Skydiving is going to be one of the most fun thing you’ll do in Houston. It’s the best thing to start with if the idea of jumping out of the plane scares you. Plus, you get a lot more flying time indoor than you’d be flying toward the ground at 125 mph. They’ll help you control your flight and even do some tricks if you dare. So jump in front of the 1600 horsepower fans and get an incredible adrenalin rush in the safety of a cushioned environment. It’s really for all ages. They had customers as young as 3 years old up to 103 years old!

Fun thing to do in Houston – See how fit you are and climb a rocky wall (bonus)

The Texas Rock gym really have something for all level. Never really trained for climbing? No problem! They’ll rent you everything you need and guide you through – safety first. You’re more experienced? Great! They even have some 5.12 you can try. Plus, they change the wall configuration every 3 months so you’ll always have new challenges when you come back.

Not convinced? Why not try their classes. They have yoga, kung fu and tai chi masters ready to make you fit. Classes start at $10 so as they say, “it truly is affordable for all”.

You can visit their website here and read some reviews here.

How to get to Houston – The Easy and Stress-free way

Of course you can take your car, but you’ll have to struggle with parking. Busbud lets you compare bus tickets from Houston to anywhere you want to go. Give it a try. Visit Bus from Houston on our website to search for destinations and compare fares from different bus companies. You can even download our bus travel app for iOS and Android. You’ll get all your tickets directly on your phone.

Don’t forget to have some fun on the way! Here is our top 6 games to play on a road trip or on the bus. Once you’re there, you can dive into these 4 super fun and non-touristy things to do in Houston.

What else did we miss in Houston? What was your favorite attraction? Let us know in the comments and share and tag your friend you’d go with do one of these fun things in Houston!